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Exotic animal rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.

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We have changed the way we operate here at Luton Reptile Rescue. 

Over the years we have seen Herpetoculture grow into a huge hobby and industry, with so many more people keeping exotic pets it would be easy to assume that rescues like ourselves would be full to the brim and rushed off our feet.... Actually, this is not the case. There are so many people out there keeping reptiles. And so many kind people willing to offer a second chance for reptiles, that we have a waiting list which spans pretty much every animal we could potentially take in. We will offer a completely free service to vet potential new owners on behalf of those looking to rehome an animal. Acting as a consultant if you will. Simply contact us if you are looking to rehome an animal and we shall put you in touch with somebody on our waiting list who can offer a permanent home.
The reason we have decided to do this, is to free up more of our time to help with emergency rescues. Our passion is to help those in the greatest need. A prime example of that is Elvis the Iguana. Who's video can be seen here on the Elvis page on the website

As I said before. Our passion is to help animals in great need. We will take in reptiles in a poor state of health, and do our very best to rehabilitate them to the point that they are in perfect condition and ready to find a new home. We will take in animals in emergency situations, Calls for non native reptiles 
(and injured native species) seen loose in the UK, Animals abandoned, customs and animal welfare organisation seizures etc. But contact us in any situation to see if we can find a home for your animal. 

Lowering the amount of healthy animals we take on will allow us to help those in great need. Thank you for your understanding.

All at Luton Reptile Rescue.

Elvis the Iguana

Thanks all for checking out our video on Elvis the iguana. It has clocked up over 2500 views now! Really pleased with that! Keep sharing folks!!!!